Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Even born leaders need to be forged

Are leaders born or made? That has been a debate for long. There are believers of either camp. However, irrespective of personal belief, what can be said with certainty is that leadership quality, just like any other, whether innate or not, needs to be groomed, developed and honed.
Whoever you are, life can be uncertain and the world needs more leaders who can stand up when needed. Genius Gems helps you cultivate and forge the leadership qualities within you. Enroll today and feel the difference.
What are the qualities that define a leader? Does the position of a person in an organization make him a leader? History has proven time and again that leaders can emerge from the unlikeliest of places. It is not just the position of authority that makes a person a leader. Authority can make a person superior or boss, but a true leader is one who has the foresight and can motivate others to follow towards a specific goal. It is important to develop leadership qualities, no matter who you are in your personal life. From men to women to child, whether you are a working individual or not, whatever is your position in your organization, you need to be a leader.
Genius Gems is among the leading institutes that have helped shape personality and develop soft skills and life skills of numerous persons enrolled in the various programs. We are an institute of repute when it comes to leadership program. Our mentors help you learn the fine differences between being a leader and a more superior. Being a leader is not just having a superior position in their professional sector, but being able to communicate clearly and efficiently and being able to motivate others to follow your step. It is being able to take charge in case of contingency.

About Umesh Sharma

Umesh is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience.

He founded Genius Gems with the mission of being a “one-stop solution for all.” Umesh believes in enabling individuals to realize their dreams by going beyond their limitations. He is passionate, connects with people, and encourages participants to get the best out of themselves.

Umesh has worked with leading corporates and has mastery in motivation, leadership, personality development, instructional design, delivering high impact training programs, and measuring transformation.

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