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Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are difficult to crack, and a lot of aspirants apply for a limited number of seats. In such a scenario, dedication and the right preparation are a key to scoring.

At Genius Gems, we provide training for cracking these competitive exams.

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Are you preparing for Banking Exams?

The demand for taking up a career in banking, among young aspirants is rising. For a developing country like India, banks are considered the backbone of the country's economy. The banking sector in India is growing at a rapid rate and is among one of the fastest- growing industry verticals.

The rapid advancements and growth in the banking sector have paved the way for many banking career opportunities. The banking sector in India is classified into government and private banks presenting huge career opportunities for those who aspire to become future bankers.

Banking as a sector means wealth management, law, accounting, investment banking, taxes, public relations, customer relationship management and more. A career in banking can be challenging and rewarding with a number of international and private banks setting up operations in India. For deserving candidates, this in itself is global exposure.

At Genius Gems we prepare students to appear for competitive banking exams conducted by IBPS & respective authorities.

We are able to leverage the best in students with the help of our expert staff and a dedicated approach towards cracking these exams.

We assist in training for -

  • Management exams
  • Common Admission Test (CAT)
  • Common Management Admission Test (CMAT)
  • Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT)
  • Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP)
  • NMAT by GMAC
  • Management Aptitude Test (MAT)
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
  • AIMS Test for Management Admissions
  • Government Exam


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