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English Communication Techniques

Communicate your way to success

Our world thrives in an environment of the right communication, business or personal, verbal, or written. Especially English language is a bridge that connects multi-nationalities as it is a universal language. Knowing and being able to communicate in the English language does not make one intelligent, but acceptable and accepting of the world around. At Genius Gems we can build English Language proficiency for you.

Who needs to learn English communication techniques?

EVERYONE! Being a universal and well-accepted language, English is a useful language for professionals, students, housewives and businessmen for their personal growth and enhanced communication.

What is effective English communication?

Effective English communication is not just being able to speak and understand English. Along with the language training, we also train you on the communication aspects where you are skilled with –

  • Communicating both verbally and non-verbally
  • Listening effectively
  • Reading body language
  • Identifying non-verbal messages
  • Communicating assertively
  • Managing your own emotion
  • Understanding the emotion of the listener
  • Managing stress
  • Taking feedback

This holistic approach toward language and communication makes you adept in being able to communicate effectively.

The Genius Gems English Communication Technique

At Genius Gems our tutors are well accomplished to teach you the art of reading verbal and non-verbal communication. After all, 93% of the communication is non-verbal.

Our tutors also help you master written communication

We believe that communication is not just about hearing and replying, but it is about listening and responding only after comprehending.


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