Sales & marketing


Sales & marketing

Sales & Marketing Workshop

The key to business effectiveness is driving your product and service sales. Dynamic sales professionals can drive sales and bring companies to a competitive position in the market. Companies are on the constant lookout for such aspiring and star sales performers. 

Driving sales or marketing strategy is a skill that one brings to the job. These skills can be acquired, and you can lead a growth path early, with the desired expertise.

At Genius Gems, we offer Sales & Marketing training for aspiring job seekers, marketing professionals & corporate in-house training, in order to make them more productive in sales and marketing.

We work on your 

  • Interpersonal interaction in one-on-one meetings
  • Telephone and networking skills
  • Reaching out and persuading prospects
  • Maintaining Public relations
  • Business communication
  • Quick decision making
  • Problem Solving
  • Assertiveness


Our course encompasses a thorough sales and marketing outlook, teaching you or grooming you with creating a mark in your job performance. We conduct both one-to-one and group courses. We also undertake in-house corporate training for sales & marketing team enhancement.


At Genius Gems, we work with you to create the right atmosphere to grow professional while keeping a sound knowledge base. Genius Gems was conceived of the idea to help others achieve success in life, by assisting them walk that extra mile. We visualize a future where every individual will receive their due share of success in life.
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