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Sales & marketing

Sales & Marketing Workshop

In today’s business, Sales & Marketing held a premium place as they both are inter-linked with each other. The success of any organization directly depends on the sales of such organization & sales is the direct outcome of Effective Marketing Strategies.
“Selling” or making sales consists of interpersonal interaction-the one-on-one meetings, telephone calls and networking that you engage in with prospects and customers. The term “Marketing” encompasses programs businesses use to reach and persuade prospects, including advertising, public relations, direct mail and more.
You’ll often see the terms used incorrectly, such as when a business advertises for a marketing professional but is really looking for someone to make telephone calls, meet with prospects and close sales.
So here in Genius Gems, we are imparting sales & marketing training to the Marketing Aspirants, Marketing Professionals & Corporate, in order to make them more productive in terms of Marketing Perspectives.


At Genius Gems, we work with you to create the right atmosphere to grow professional while keeping a sound knowledge base. Genius Gems was conceived of the idea to help others achieve success in life, by assisting them walk that extra mile. We visualize a future where every individual will receive their due share of success in life.
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