What is DMIT?

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Test is the scientific study of Fingerprints.
Every person has his/her born intelligence right from birth. Usually we start copying pur relatives /friends to our career.
If we would have worked with our born intelligence, we would have performed 10 times better. So we have  scientifically proven system “DMIT”, through which we come know their comfort zone to determine the career.
Our Career Counselors/Experts will take Fingerprints & generate the report for the same.
Based on which proper career counseling will be done.
Every person has minimum 9 intelligence, in different ratios, which can discover through DMIT assessments.
It reveals the congenital links between our fingers and our intrinsic qualities and talents. With these test of your known talents and intelligence, you can best be translated into education, personal and career success. By knowing these potentials earlier, you make effort to enhance and train your weaknesses so that learning is most pleasurable and effective.
DMIT involves scanning of the fingerprints and analyzing this data in the Taiwan Patented Software comprising of the whole Brain functionality to obtain a Scientific Report giving the following information about the Child :

Benefits of DMIT

Besides the obvious advantages, home tuition also allows you to get your family members enrolled in the program with ease. Genius Gems does not only work on your soft skills, interpersonal skills, and communication skills; our mentors also help you attain a better lifestyle through motivation and harnessing positive energy to broaden your perspective. These skills are not just for the people who are into corporate or other work profile, but equally helpful for every person in their day to day life. Genius Gems home tuition now allows you to let your family members enjoy the benefits too.
Understand why some patterns of relationship keep recurring.
New Born Baby (age 1-4):
From birth through about age three there are vast numbers of connections and collections being recorded in the brain. This is the age when the brain is highly active in observations.
Benefits of DMIT: Knowing your baby’s potential at an early age help parents make decisions on parenting styles and educational methods and it also helps them to choose the right school & right directions for the little ones. This is the time when you can alter their inborn intelligence and improve the weaker intelligence.
Children (age 4-12):
From age three through twelve the brain begins to prune the excessive synapses in an attempt to get organized and eliminate what is not necessary.
Benefits of DMIT: At this age, Children are curious to learn and they can absorb more than they will when they grow older. Discovering their learning styles and areas of intelligence at this age gives a clue on what courses and activities they should spend more time on.
Teenagers & Young Adults (age 12-25):
The teenage years consist of more aggressive pruning as the brain begins to specialize and build an identity.
Benefits of DMIT: Discovering learning styles at this age can better enhance one’s learning experience. It also serves as a guideline on what type of courses one should take. This is the stage where you can decide about your careers. This can be called in-depth career guidance.
Adults, Professional (age 25 & above):
This is the age where one can start exploring new things, new ideas, working for his career or we can say the person is getting more mature day by day.
Benefits of DMIT: At this age, one can take this test to know his hidden talent. With this talent, he or she can explore his maximum potential for his future. A person can know himself, his hidden voice.


At Genius Gems, we work with you to create the right atmosphere to grow professional while keeping a sound knowledge base. Genius Gems was conceived of the idea to help others achieve success in life, by assisting them walk that extra mile. We visualize a future where every individual will receive their due share of success in life.
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