Cookery classes


Cookery classes

Cookery classes

The happiness of cooking is only just next to eating.

Cooking is an everyday need, and yet people are driven by the desire to eat regular most of the days, and occasionally some specially prepared food.

How about making your everyday meals interesting and diverse? Whatever your need, hosting guests, seeking a professional qualification in cooking, entertaining your taste buds, or just getting started with the culinary art. All we know is that the process is rewarding. Seeing yourself having cooked and enjoying the praises of your guests.        

There’s no need for a cooking background to come to learn cooking with us. You can be a clean slate and yet, we will pep you up with all the flavours.

At Genius Gems, our cooking course is a journey of learning what supplies you need to get 

started, preparing recipes and planning meals. As you explore learning cooking with us, you will certainly foster a desire to expert in your cooking skills.

We teach the following cuisines – 

  • Indian
  • Continental 
  • Italian


At Genius Gems, we work with you to create the right atmosphere to grow professional while keeping a sound knowledge base. Genius Gems was conceived of the idea to help others achieve success in life, by assisting them walk that extra mile. We visualize a future where every individual will receive their due share of success in life.
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